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In 1889, David Aitoff announced a very simple modification of the equatorial aspect of an azimuthal equidistant map.

Doubling longitudinal values enabled the whole world to fit in the inner disc of the map; the horizontal scale was then doubled, creating a 2 : 1 ellipse.

You will probably think my code isn't very good but at least it is working now I was also wndering if there was a way to add '[SOLVED]' to thread title?

In true azimuthal projections, all directions are preserved from the reference point, usually tangent at the center of the map.

Therefore, maps are usually limited to a single hemisphere.

This rarely used projection is of some interest only in polar aspects; sometimes it is classified as pseudoazimuthal, by analogy with pseudocylindrical and pseudoconic projections, which share some attributes with cylindrical and conic designs, respectively, but have curved meridians in the normal aspects.

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I'm pretty sure I implemented the method you outlined (I have tried to explain in more detail in the video I made).The three classic perspective azimuthal projections can show no more than one hemisphere at a time; others (like the azimuthal equidistant) are defined by arbitrary constraints instead of purely geometrical models.Some projections are inspired by azimuthal principles or modifications of mentioned projections; the result is not, usually, entirely azimuthal itself.The program is currently mapping from A--B so the distorted sectors are displaying a compressed version of nearly the entire map.What should happen instead is to map from A wrapping to B (to the right).

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