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These users mythologise the state of the system as being controlled by Jews and Zionists, a New World Order, George Soros, that minorities are being led on by a small elite.It is a beating heart of online conspiracy theorists.If enough of us do this we can get Congress to #Stop The FCC this week. Sign up to #Break The Internet by auto-tweeting every 10 minutes for the 48 hours before the vote: Break The Internet via @IDLtweets The former Verizon lawyer in charge of the FCC spoke this morning ... Had commentators and pundits been paying closer attention to memes, the result of the US presidential election may not have been as much a surprise as it was.

In the Democrat primaries, a meme called "Bernie or Hillary?An "internet meme" is the evolution of this: a cultural idea or symbol that is shared online.They have become a cornerstone of the online experience.Japan's internet users have shown they won't be silenced by Islamic State's threats.They're taking to web with a hashtag called #isisクソコラグランプリ, or the "ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix".

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    Sepanjang dirumah beliau sentiasa berbaju kurung dan agak sukar aku nak lihat tempat-tempat berahi seperti lurah dada atau sebagainya kerana beliau sentiasa berwaspada ketika berdepan dangan aku ketika makan atau menonton tv bersama-sama. Walaupun tinggal bersama kami keluar kerja berasingan. Beliau memejam mata tapi tidak membantah tindakkan aku. Dia mula bertindak ganas membalas dengan menjilat kupingku. Aku membangun kan badan dan membangunkan dia sambil menghala batang aku ke mulutnya .

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    revealed that around 1 million local residents were single last year, a 25 percent jump from the same figure 10 years ago.

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