Oracle validating xml against schema

The W3C XML specification states that a program should stop processing an XML document if it finds an error.

Validation can help detect problems and there are several methods to circumvent them. Thus if I make sure that I add empty strings to all XML fields which otherwise would have been null, the XML gets generated correctly. Automating this by walking through the entire XML tree and setting all null fields to an empty string might not be desirable.HTML browsers are allowed to display HTML documents with errors (like missing end tags). A "well formed" XML document is not the same as a "valid" XML document. In addition, it must conform to a document type definition.One of the new features introduced in Oracle Service Bus 12c is the ability for dynamic validation.However, the majority of techniques introduced here can also be used to manage other types of XML documents, such as containing unstructured or semistructured data.This chapter also further explains Oracle XML DB concepts introduced in Chapter 1, "Introduction to Oracle XML DB".

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