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Pedro reminds Granny of some of the epic porquerias Assvaldo has committed in the business. "As the camera goes wide we see the back of Vitto apparently in labial congress with Fiorella." Oh HELL NO! I didn t watch the whole episode, the tv signal was bad but oh well at least i saved myself from watching that kiss of fiorella and vittorio. Or did she think it was Victorian times and the scandal would have hurt the business forever in a sophisticated city in the 1990s? Positively frightening.daisy, I am glad you had a great outing with your son after a difficult week. Marla, loved your take on Assvaldo and Alina "He takes her to heaven and to hell at the same time". Yes ma'am, I've HAD it with Benny as well!!! Eloisa needs to have her broomstick hit by lightening while she's taking her nightly ride. I dislike her and I can't stand him (does the man even have a dial? Not only are there reasons to scream from the frustration of thwarting our two lovers so thouroghly but you bring in a graphically horrific element that I must have been perceiving subconsciously: It's like he and Fi are both weird personal slaves, chained to these old crones for their personal enjoyment. Even if he didn't, where is the logic in Sergio burning down her house! This is doggone good Lila you improved on a cartoon and that's hard to do."Down the hall, Gael is in session with Alina but he might as well be talking to a blow-up doll"I'm with you Lila and Diana on Freddie, she did come off human and do get where she's coming from, just not her method nor the nutcase she's become. Unfortunately in skipping ahead, I skipped over Rosario's dad, which is an interesting plot point.

Guess Granny got cash to burn because she insists that going away with Aitana is the most important thing he can do right now. And now, all my fellow Patio Peeps who watch these for the smoochees: here's tonight's offerings: Benny confesses to Gigi that he couldn't get anything out of her Dr. How could she confused prince pietro with that old man and how can simona think that vittorio is a galan? Are we supposed to know/recognize Rosario's father? Were she and Maximo acting out their parents' situations? Kat, "was this some kind of Halloween special episode early? I rather like the merry go round triangle of Gi, Gael and Benito. Surely they won't marry and have a scene where she's in bed with Vitto and he turns into Pietro??? Or is his button just permanently set to a 10 on Anger? When this was airing in Mexico I'm sure the viewers were as grossed out by that possibility as we are despite the popularity of the actor playing Vittorio (who is now 75 years old). I don't know if there'll be a body count but Sergio's in the hands of a ruthless man! Silly as this show is most everybody in the family is rotten and selfish to the core so creating a facade the only way to survive. Pedro and Fiorella's expressions are ones of horror as if they also recognize that they are enslaved by Vitto and Helloisa, as if they're in a weird three dimensional, hellish acid trip that they can't get out of. I didn't realize Gabriel's accident had witnesses and I'm betting he's got to wake up with the crucial evidence that will blow Eloisa's world apart.i I don't think the Sergio as Arsonist thing was stupid exactly, just that she was there when he got jumped, so she knows Anibal's after him and should know that the goons took his ID, so connecting the dots shouldn't be this challenging.

Down the hall, Gael is in session with Alina but he might as well be talking to a blow-up doll: that's how attentive Alina is. The tables turn as Gael asks if she is physically or emotionally tired. Aitana finds the big, white invitation to the wedding of Fiorella and Vittorio and does a happy dance on her bum. They can go together and be, like, the hottest couple there! Aitana will make sure that when SHE marries Pedro, she invites Fiorella and Vittorio.

Gael sits next to Alina and gently offers that listening to so many troubled people can certainly be exhausting. Outside, Pedro is sitting in the garden when, of course, Aitana interrupts his solitude. I thought Granny had already forced them back together so I'm not sure why Aitana is - AGAIN - asking him to give her a chance to enter his heart. Fifi excuses herself and leaves while Aitana makes cracks about Fiorella being unsmiling and pale, not like a woman SHOULD look when she's marrying the love of her life!

The problem is that she is involved with someone that she shouldn't be.

Gael continues to insist she talk and Alina bolts for the door, nearly creaming a poor chair on the way out!

He acknowledges that he realizes she has a personal life, a social life, a love life. Pedro continues in stony silence as Aitana humps his leg.

Granny tells Fiorella she shouldn't be shy about her presence and encourages her to go ahead and kiss her beau! RPC as Ass boy insults Gael who was just trying to have a little friendly conversation with his big brother. Anibal growls with a grin that Sergio will pay for the fire AND for taking his wife! Gianna is overcome by the force of Benny's devotion and clamps her lips over his in a kiss which he happily deepens. Vitto and Fifi arrive at the French restaurant and he lays his lilting baritone rap on her. If you are in therapy and your counselor is not only paying no attention to you but in fact starts shaking and crying, I might suggest you seek another therapist. Eloisa appeared to grit her teeth but I thought she was effectively actually baring her fangs, injecting her venom. Freddie seemed positively human when she saw Rosario’s father. "Gosh, I remember when I got my first set of false DNA results from MY mom --- NOT! Ah, such fond memories : DAre we supposed to know/recognize Rosario's father? Interesting new appendage you have grown there with all that hair. On that note, Fernando Colunga will be 50 next year. When Pedro said he was going for a walk, Eloisa actually reached out her claw and clamped it on him to hold him in place and then forced the champagne on him. I'm shocked he's not Eloisa's fave since they're so similar.Pedro comes in and Granny orders Simoneta to bring in the champagne and orchestrates a toast, making Petey participate. No hurt feelings if somebody wants to explain this better! Gabriel Angeles was always so fair, just and decent with all the employees. Nothing nasty: "nasty" is at the discretion of the author and blog admin; no racial, political, or socioeconomic slurs; no politics unrelated to the show.4. Why else would she force him to marry Aitana when it is more than obvious that he doesn't love her? BTW, this is how Halloisa would have looked at Aitana's age. What in any of that poor woman's attitude declares undying love?She toasts for the beautiful couple who are about to be joined forever in holy matrimony. Simoneta jumps up all giddy to listen in as Vitto invites Fifi to a French restaurant and gesticulates wildly in Fifi's face to accept. Belinda brings the false DNA results to Sonia: a set for Osvaldo and a set for Pedro. Sonia is to give Pedro results showing he is the father but only show Osvaldo the results showing HE is the father if the REAL tests show that he is not. Anyway, Belinda thinks Pedro is as good as in the bag! The young lady has let Freddie into her humble home. In what might be an honest and unguarded moment Freddie agrees, her father was kind and generous and genuinely concerned about the well being of everyone, especially the employees of El Corporativo and above all a wonderful Father. Of course she can talk to him all she wants, but he won't respond. Support your bloggers: thank the recapper, don't scold the recapper, don't criticize the recap. All of the above."She allows him to plant doubts about Sergio in her mind as he waves his phallic cigar" and "Aitana has a nice-nasty congratulations" were fantastic. No amount of imagining firm, tight flesh of a man in his early 30s is going to cover the reality of. So it was a rough work week and my, thankfully now legal aged son, suggested we meet after work at a favorite local place few blocks away which has great drinks and truly gourmet, authentic Mexican tamales and what we call tacos. For that reason, I missed last night and started watching the episode this morning. I couldn't even finish the episode this morning, and thank goodness because reading your recap, I may have truly scared the cat curled up on the desk next to me with the whole Vitto/Fi attempting to kiss scene. He's just pathetic and right now, Diana is too good for him. Let's remember them so we don't get driven to distraction by Pedro and Fifi's flip flops and Fifi's phantom lover phantasy and Benny's hero complex!Sergio tells her about what happened and runs out of the room leaving a gasping and confused Julieta calling after him.Now Eloisa is in the sitting room with Vitto and Fiorella grinning with her scary Halloween teeth and thanking Vitto for making Fiorella so happy. In addition to getting significant investment flow into the company I think Helloisa is trying to punish Pedro for Maximo's sins.

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