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“Female victims are often subjected to sex trafficking in Italy after accepting promises of employment as dancers, singers, models, restaurant servers, or caregivers,” said the report.Tsitsi Matekaire, the program manager of advocacy group Equality Now's End Sex Trafficking, said human trafficking for sexual exploitation was "a global issue" and that while Ayling's case was still being investigated, it highlighted there was often no "typical profile" of a victim. It's about profits that traffickers make and people that exploit women make from selling them off," she said. K.’s National Crime Agency said in a statement that they had been working closely with Italian authorities since the kidnapping was reported and that a house in the area of Oldbury, linked to Herba, had been searched on July 18 and computer equipment was seized and being examined.Related: What Happens to Foreign Human Trafficking Victims in the United States?

Prosecutors later said the woman was injected with ketamine, a veterinary tranquilizer.I haven't had time to gather my thoughts, so I am not at liberty to say anything further until I have been debriefed by the U. Not all slaves are trafficked, but all trafficking victims are victims of slavery. Men are often trafficked into hard labor jobs, while children are trafficked into labor positions in textile, agriculture and fishing industries. Human trafficking impacts people of all backgrounds, and people are trafficked for a variety of purposes.

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